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About Us:

Obliin is a social networking platform that connects users to the rest of the world and share valuable information with members. Obliin DC is a fully registered company certified by the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission. Our aim is to eradicate poverty and illiteracy in the world.

At Obliin, you can earn a flexible monthly income by just becoming an ADMIN
on any of our Groups on WhatsApp or other social platforms. All you have to do is to share valuable resources and useful information with members.

Our Vision:

To promote wealth, create mutual growth among members and be able to share the love to millions of followers across the globe through our dedicated networks and other social platforms.

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How It Works:

Earn extra monthly income just by becoming a member.

1- Join any Obliin Group as a Member.

2- Get inspired and Become an Admin.

3- Invest in Obliin DC and grow with ease.

4- Start earning monthly income for Life!

Our Community:

Get involved today or register as group admin.

27000+ Membership
3420 Group Admins
5605700 Total Pay Out


See what some members are saying about Obliin.

Obliin has really been a platform that actually made things work for me because sitting at home waiting for NYSC is not easy. The money I got from Obliin help me to actually buy things I needed to prepare for camp come next month.
John Peters
John Peters
Since I joined, it has help me to sort out some of my little problems. The team obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing it. But it’s really wasn’t about the money, this platform gave me lot of opportunities to make others smile.
Chika Ejide
Chika Ejide
I am a normal student who needs additional income to finance myself and study at easy. Obliin does this without any hesitation, and all I did was to become a group administrator and constantly teaching to impact lives.  God bless the team.
Falayi Femi
Falayi Femi Johnson
Obliin has made a significant difference to most of our lives. This group covers a lot of information delivered in concise chunks. I didn’t just learn how to better my life, the main benefits came from the interactions with the people in my group.
Abdulwahid Sumayyat
Abdulwahid Sumayyat

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