About Obliin.

About Us:

Obliin is a social networking platform that connects users to the rest of the world and share valuable information with members. Obliin DC is a fully registered company certified by the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission. Our aim is to eradicate poverty and illiteracy in the world.

At Obliin, you can earn a flexible monthly income by just becoming an ADMIN
on any of our Groups on WhatsApp or other social platforms. All you have to do is to share valuable resources and useful information with members.

Our Vision:

To promote wealth, create mutual growth among members and be able to share the love to millions of followers across the globe through our dedicated networks and other social platforms.

Mission Statement:

>> To eradicate poverty, hunger and illiteracy in the world by means of our social networking system and philanthropy.
>>To provide quality information to people for positive impact in our society.
>>To provide means of monthly income to every human on the planet.

Connect with us:

Information shearing through instant messaging.