How Obliin Works.

Welcome to! We are a group of like-minded individuals with the Mission to eradicate poverty, hunger and illiteracy in the world by means of our social networking system and philanthropy.Obliin is open to people who believed in information shearing, mutual development and economy of growth of the human person.

If  want to be a part to what we are doing, then join any of the Obliin WhatApp Groups or connect with us via other supported networking platforms. After your startup boot-camp, resourceful members who are willing to accelerate their journey can become Admins on selected topics, and begin to build their group followers. This is one of the simplest ways to open another stream of income and earn money as Admin while doing what you love at your own convenient.

Popular Obliin Group Topics

Below is a list of popular Obliin WhatsApp Groups you can join. Please click  the links to learn more, and/or join the WhatsApp group.

Marriage Matters
Sex and Relationship
Dating and Friendship
Fashion and Style
Movies and Entertainment
Football and Bet
Family Matters
Food and Nutrition
Enterprise and Investments
Health and Medicals
Building and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Law and Justice
Hotel and Travels
Modern Technology
Software Development
Mobile App Development

Note: You can also have your group name customized for you.

Different Ways to Earn In Obliin

  1. When you sign up to become an admin in Obliin, you get 60% of your sign-up fee back and instantly qualify to earn ALL bonuses.
  2. When a member of your group signs up to become an admin too, you earn 10% of their sign up fee.
  3. When your group members register for a seminar organized by Obliin, you earn 1% of their registration fees.
  4. When you host a seminar powered or sponsored by Obliin, you earn 10% of all registration fees.
  5. When anybody uses your admin/group code to donate to Obliin Foundation, you earn 1% of what they donated.
  6. When anybody registers with your admin/group code to advertise in Obliin, you earn 1% of the advert fee.
  7. If any member of your group patronizes any registered advert in Obliin, you earn 1% of the total purchase.
  8. If any member from your group invests in Obliin using your admin/group code, you get 1% of the amount they invest.
  9. If you invest in Obliin, you get your investment amount + 40% returns on your investment as a member and 60% as an admin in 17 working days. The minimum investment is N5,000 and the current maximum is N5,000,000.
  10. As an admin, you can attend and be part of all Obliin seminars for FREE!