How To Become Part Of Obliin.

Thank you for showing interest in Obliin, a social networking platform that connects users to the rest of the world. At Obliin, you earn extra monthly income just by being an admin on a group or by investing with Obliin. Here is how you can start:

  1. Sign-in to any Obliin WhatsApp Group of choice or other social networks.
  2. Get inspired by the quality teachings/information you get.
  3. Decide to become an admin to our group too.
  4. Begin to earn daily/weekly/ monthly for Life!
  5. You will earn bonuses on every financial activity your group members do with Obliin.
  6. Or by investing with Obliin and earn 40% returns on your investment as a member and 60% as an admin.

Obliin Admin Registration Fees

WhatsApp Group Sign-up Fees And Monthly Payout (Sign-up Bonuses) Valid For 12 Months

Naira Account

  1. (N2000) for 50 members = Up to N3,000 monthly (This means you can only earn N3,000 maximum from this plan monthly from members registration.)
  2. (N3000) for 70 members = Up to N4,000 monthly
  3. (N5000) for 100 members = Up to N6,000 monthly
  4. (N7000) for 150 members = Up to N8,000 monthly
  5. (10,000) for 170 members = Up to N12,000 monthly
  6. (20,000) for 200 members = Up to N25,000 monthly
  7. (50,000) for 250 members = Up to N60,000 monthly

Dollar Account

  1. ($50) for 100 members  = Up to $60 monthly
  2. ($100) for 150 members = Up to $120 monthly
  3. ($200) for 200 members  = Up to $240 monthly
  4. ($300) for 250 members  = Up to $260 monthly

How To Join:

Call/WhatApp: +2348161360551 for more information.

General Note:

The stated monthly payment is not automatic. It is a sign-up bonus. So, it depends on the amount of sign-ups done in your group each month. The stated monthly payout is the maximum amount you can earn from the registration fees of your group members that sign up to become admins. Once you reach the monthly limit, you will no longer earn any bonuses from sign-up fees for that month.

However, you will continue to earn ALL bonuses that accrue to you from all other financial transactions your members do with OBLIIN such as 1% of member Investments, 1% of member donations etc.

The amount you earn on registration fees depends on the package you choose but you can upgrade your package to earn more.

For example, on the N2000 package, the total bonus you can earn from the signup fees is N3000 monthly but if you upgrade to the N20,000 package, you can earn up to N25,000 monthly.

Note that the monthly payment may also be less or zero if no member signs up to become admin in a given month. But the more your group members, the more likely some members will signup to become admins especially if being in your group is really helpful to them.

Yet, you can EARN MUCH MORE than your monthly signup bonus payout from other bonuses.